Songs for the 2018 Canadian Music Class Challenge

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What is the best Canadian music for students? Have you been in love with music for students? It’s safe to say that Canadian and American musicians and singers have presented a large number of songs, music albums, and performances with an aim to entertain their global fans and the local audience, gaining popularity and fame all over the world. Some of the finest songs of this year in Canadian music class challenge are mentioned below.

‘Stay’ by Alessia Cara

It is an excellent piece of music for Canadian students. Alessia Cara was in the headlines when she received her very first Grammy award for this particular song. For this work, she collaborated with Zedd and it was proved to be a huge hit, and it remained on the number one position on the top 40 charts of the United States.

‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ me Back’ by Shawn Mendes

It is one of the best and finest songs of the year, and it remained on the second top position for many months, winning the singer plenty of appreciations and admiration. This song got beautiful and impressive lyrics. If you are feeling happy and want to have some fun, then you should listen to this song and add value to your moments of enjoyment and happiness.

‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen is one of the finest Canadian singers to date, and this song can be called his best song ever. Hallelujah has covered hundreds of times and it contains the version of Rufus Wainwright, and another version is by k.d. lang, as well as by Jeff Buckley. It means a total of three versions can be found in this outstanding and interesting song.

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