Cody Canada and the Departed is an up-and-coming rock band, unique with their musical choice of a cello to influence their sound.

Cody Canada and the Departed: four young boys ready to rock the METRO house, dressed in uniform black blazers and haircuts so similar, you would think they were imitating The Beatles. Not at all. In fact, Cody Canada and the Departed are dark, spiky haired and edgy… trying to go above and beyond what the legendary British boys were trying to make in the world of Rock & Roll. “Rock & Roll?” their drummer remarks to me. “Is that even a thing, still? I feel those two genres have split since the late 90s.”

Coming out of the METRO after Battle of the Bands is like waking up from a whirl of noisy dreams, where you listen to countless numbers of the rock bands whose names are so obscure you may as well toss them aside and just enjoy the music. This one group of rock boys, however, took the liberty of standing out from the crowd by incorporating a cellist (yes, cellist) in their array of musical inspiration. Cody Canada and the Departed started out as an after-school ragtag bunch of teens from the northern suburb of Skokie, four boys who were obligated to stay in school after the usual hours for extra math tutoring. “We weren’t exactly horrible students,” the lead singer and guitarist points out, “we just needed that extra push to get ready for our SATs our Junior year. That’s how we all became friends.” Indeed, it was that twist of fate that got the four very different boys to realize they all shared one thing in common outside of the school grounds: music. “We all played instruments!” the bassist says with a slight bit of an Irish accent. “Well, not only that, but we also noticed how most people listened to heavy, edgy rock or the smooth alternative rock. There wasn’t much of a ‘middle ground’ anymore, and we wanted to bring that back like how The Beatles did.” And the rest, as they say, was history. Cody Canada and the Departed, named after their lead singer and the group’s favorite 2007 Scorcesce film, began to practice every Saturday in their cellist’s garage, often getting together before school to use the orchestra hall to hear how their music and their instruments sounded in a theater space. “That first year was nuts,” the cellist reflects openly with a smile, “We would stay up until 3 in the morning on school nights eating pizza and going over lyrics and tunes. The funny thing was… none of us were tired!”

The band found their voice in music when realizing that the cello could bring an enormous amount of classic influence to the otherwise heavy-rock infusive sounds. Cody Canada and the Departed chose to have the cello their secondary instrument in their band, bringing an eerie and almost spiritual effect to their style of music. Their songs talk about the usual teen angst in all adolescent 20something rockers, but Cody Canada and the Departed have certainly made a name for themselves in their very unusual sound. Watch them live tomorrow night, 9pm at the METRO for a Battle of the Bands (Encore)!