Is Marijuana Bad for your Brain?

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Is Marijuana Bad for your Brain?

The recent legalization of marijuana in Edmonton and other cities in Canada has left millions wondering whether marijuana has adverse health effects. Often, people voice their concerns on whether marijuana causes mental health problems. In truth, pot is not the root of brain health problems. It turns out; it is part of the solution. A recent investigation by Mic’s Jordyn Taylor reveals that marijuana has the potential of guarding a person’s brain against Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer is a form of dementia affecting several adults in Northern America and is among the top ten causes of death across the continent.

A recent study by the Salk Institute found out that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) a compound of marijuana helps in removing amyloid beta from a patient’s nerve cells of the brain. Amyloid beta is primarily a beta that is associated with Alzheimer disease. Another study also proves that CBD (cannabinoids) found in weed can help remove an inflammation or amyloid beta from a person’s nerve cells of the brain.

Some studies have examined the effects of weed on people who already have mental problems. These studies report negative effects for this specific group despite its medical benefits for other groups with good mental health. Thus it is advisable that marijuana should not be used by a person with mental health problems. The reason is that nerves and chemicals in their brains do not work in balance and may show signs of mental illness. As a result, adding chemicals found in weed (CBD and THC) will worsen the problem. One should always consider their medical history even when they try to find an online weed shop.

Bottom line, marijuana is not bad for your brain provided that you do not have a history of psychosis because you risk a possibility of a psychotic episode. Be advised on marijuana with high concentration levels of THC and lower for CBD as it may cause anxiety.

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